Table of Contents

Foreword, by Cindy Blackstock
Preface and Acknowledgments
A Note to Readers

PART 1: Above All, Do No Harm
Chapter 1: Medevac Airlifts in Quebec and the Non-Accompaniment Rule
Chapter 2: The #aHand2Hold Campaign: Confronting a System

PART 2: Structural Fault Lines in Health Care
Chapter 3: Social Determinants of Health: Equality, Equity, and Limitations
Chapter 4: Recognizing Systemic Racism: A Social Justice Approach
Chapter 5: Medical Culture and the Myth of Meritocracy

PART 3: Medical Colonialism and Indigenous Children
Chapter 6: A Little Matter of Genocide: Canada and the United Nations Convention
Chapter 7: From the Smallpox War of Extermination to Tuberculosis Deaths in Residential Schools
Chapter 8: Experimental Laboratories: Malnutrition, Starvation, and the BCG Vaccine
Chapter 9: Cruel Treatment: Indian Hospitals, Sanatoria, and Skin Grafting
Chapter 10: Gendered Violence: Forced Sterilization and Coercive Contraception
Chapter 11: Breaking Up Families: Child Welfare Services, Mass Evacuations, and Medical Disappearances
Chapter 12: Oral Histories and the Narrative of Genocide

PART 4: The Structural Determinants of Health and Decolonizing Our Future
Chapter 13: Capitalism and the Cost of Caring
Chapter 14: History Matters: Colonialism, Land, and Indigenous Self-Determination
Chapter 15: Decolonizing Health Care: Reparations before Reconciliation

Afterword, by Katsi’tsakwas Ellen Gabriel